Created in 1991 by Sylvette and Alain LE STRAT, and named after Alain’s grandmother who came from the village of Saint-Jean-Brévelay. This family business have its atelier is located in the heart of Brittany in an old school build in 1899. The charming and calm environment is the perfect place for Sylvette to design elegant and luxurioux home collections.

Examples of Amandine Brevelay's products

Family Linen

This is the passion and inspiration behind Amandine de Brévelay, a French well known embroidered bed, table and bath linen family factory. Its artistic creations have always been faithful to its core values:

Refinement and Delicacy

Inspired by French lifestyle heritage, half way between tradition and modernity, its collections bring comfort and harmony in luxurious interiors, bridging the gap between a tough world, poetry and well-being. Designs and softness of fabrics discretely celebrate retro shabby chic and romantic styles.


Designed and made in France, Amandine de Brévelay is perpetuating the “Savoir-Faire à la Française”, incorporating time-honored techniques and high quality fabrics. By treating old patterns to new designs and arranging elegant mix of fabrics, its genuine know-how pays homage to the traditions of fine linen

The company is exporting since 1999 and the brand is now known and distributed on every continent. In 2017, most if its production is exported and available in stores located as far as Japan, South Korea, Russia, Australia or U.S.A.