This bed linen collection is trimmed with fabulous embroidered cotton lace and the effect is just gorgeous. Love the textures and colors of natural linens bed linen, they inspire sweet dreams and adds feminine flair to an everyday look. 

"Champs Elysées" Collection There are 4 products.

  • Taie carrée Collection « Champs Elysée »

    Dimensions 65X65 - Reference 33TA

  • Taie rectangle Collection « Champs Elysée »

    Dimensions 50X70 - Reference 33TR

  • Drap plat Collection « Champs Elysée »
    Flat sheet

    Dimensions  180X290 -  Reference 33D9

    Dimensions   270X310 - Reference 33D8

  • Housse De Couette Collection «Champs Elysée »
    Duvet Cover

    Dimensions 140X290 – Reference 33C9

    Dimensions 160X310 – Reference 33C2

    Dimensions 220X240 - Reference 33C4

    Dimensions 240X260 – Reference 33C6

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