To provide an impression of sweets and comforts we added some faux fur flakes and delicate ice beads to this contrasted collection. So you have in this exquisite bed linen, some delicious moments to conjugate the verb "to be lazy" to the past, present and future times.

"Jardins d'Hiver" Collection There are 4 products.

  • Taie carrée Collection « Jardins d'Hiver »

    Dimensions 65X65 - Reference 32TA

  • Taie rectangle Collection « Jardins d’Hiver »

    Dimensions 50X70 - Reference 32TR

  • Drap plat Collection « Jardins d’Hiver »
    Flat sheet

    Dimensions  180X290 -  Reference 32D9

    Dimensions  270X310 -  Reference 32D8

  • Housse De Couette Collection « Jardins d’Hiver »
    Duvet Cover

    Dimensions 140X290 – Reference 32C9

    Dimensions 160X310 – Reference 32C2

    Dimensions 220X240 - Reference 32C4

    Dimensions 240X260 – Reference 32C6

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