Made of refined linen blended with muslin flange cotton, this washed linen collection is a perfect balance between luxury and casualness. Timeless and beautifully finished, this fine quality bed linen will provide you with years of blissful sleep.

"Carnet de Bohème" Collection There are 4 products.

  • Taie carrée Collection « Carnet de Bohème »

    Dimensions 65X65 - Reference 23TA

  • Taie rectangle Collection « Carnet de Bohème »

    Dimensions 50X70 - Reference 23TR

  • Drap plat Collection « Carnet de Bohème »
    Flat sheet

    Dimensions  180X290 -  Reference 23D9

    Dimensions  270X310 -  Reference 23D8

  • Housse De Couette Collection « Carnet de Bohème »
    Duvet Cover

    Dimensions 140X290 – Reference 23C9

    Dimensions 160X310 – Reference 23C2

    Dimensions 220X240 - Reference 23C4

    Dimensions 240X260 – Reference 23C6

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