A confortable and stylish homewear collection invites itself into your life or into your night. This collection consists of stylish women's nightwear, loungewear, and bathrobe for your sweet relaxation and pleasure moments at home. Made entirely from washed linen, soft, refined and light you will appreciate the comfort and well-being of this lingerie.

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  • Linen Bathrobe "Colibri"

    Washed linen for a very soft feel and absolute comfort, a fluid and elegant line, it is your luxury accessory while traveling or at staying at home.

    Reference L01
  • Linen Bathrobe "Linotte"

    The elegant design, the charm of lace applied and the comfort of washed linen make this bathrobe ideal for peaceful moments.

    Reference L04
  • Linen Bathrobe "Pinson"

    Charm and authenticity for this washed linen bathrobe with large hood, lapels in sleeves, belt, sides pockets. 100% feminine.

    Reference L06
  • Linen dress "Mouette"

    Dress casually and smartly for summer days or to laze at home, lace details applied to sleeves and neckline make it irresistible.

    Reference L07
  • Shirt dress "Coucou"

    In a very casual style this shirt dress remains very elegant with the lace applied on the pocket, as a small note of sophistication.

    Reference L11
  • Pantsuit "Alouette"

    A comfortable washed linen pantsuit, seductive and very refined with its lace applications it is dedicated for a slow wake up or relaxing days.

    Reference L12
  • Pantsuit "Albatros"

    Elegant, it is also very comfortable, with its wide cut and its pants with elasticated waistband ... and what if today you’d want to stay at home just for it?

    Reference L13
  • Pantsuit "Colombe" - Long sleeves

    A round neckline with superb cotton lace and ruffles give this homewear a natural elegance for real moments of rest and to enjoy some quiet time.

    Reference L14
  • Pantsuit "Colombe" without sleeves

    Elegant and refined this pantsuit has an undeniable charm for a sweet end of day or a morning of lazing around and why not for a breakfast in the garden?

    Reference L15
  • Linen veil jacket "Verdier"

    The lightness and softness of the linen veil will seduce you. On a pantsuit or on a nightdress, with this fashion accessory, it is time for elegance and emotion.

    Reference L16
  • Linen dress "Cigogne"

    Indoor dress or outdoor dress?  Whatever, it will seduce with its little ruffle, its lace around the neck and its delicious little pocket.

    Reference L17
  • Cross over dress "Canari"

    It will be your friend during the summer, it will accompany you to the swimming pool, to the beach, in the spa or simply in the garden, in short, in every moments of relaxation.

    Reference L18
  • Linen dress "Cygne"

    A gorgeous cotton lace, with effects of transparency, this washed linen dress is really in a bohemian style. Indoor or outdoor, day or night, you will choose.

    Reference L19
  • Pantsuir "Vautour"

    The charm of cotton lace adds to the comfort of this linen washed pants set. Very soft touch and fluid line "What Else"?

    Reference L20
  • Bathrobe "Hirondelle"

    The luxurious combination of natural silk and washed linen makes this bathrobe an elegant homewear, your secret in the game of seduction.

    Reference L21
  • Apron "Aulne"

    Exquisite lace on the neck, an aerial veil to finish… Should we cook with this washed linen apron?

    Reference TB01
  • Apron "Epicéa"

    A beautiful ruflle and a small pocket on the side is building the charm of this little washed linen apron.

    Reference TB03
  • Apron "Frêne"

    Ruffles, laces and laces again… It’s an exquisite apron that you’re proudly wearing for preparing delicious food.

    Reference TB04
  • Apron "Mélèze"

    It could have seemed so simple without these little ruffles that are lining the large pocket or the bib, but indeed, it’s full of elegance!

    Reference TB05
  • Apron "Sapin"

    As an Apron or on top of a dress, it carries this little bohemian spirit that seduce and the delicate lace applications adds to its shabby chic style.

    Reference TB06