Luxurious laces, delicate embroideries, and monograms create a theatrical collection. So, let yourself be seduced by these soft colors and refined laces and you can enjoy the sweetness and light of sunny mornings.

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  • Curtain "Scènes de Rêves" Collection

    A precious Venetian lace trims, an old fashion lace and an elegant monogram complete this harmony. Very refined this washed linen curtain is available in soft colors made from natural pigments.

    Reference 20RL
  • Curtain "Les Toiles de Nuit" Collection

    Added to the chic of wrinkled linen, discover the details of charm like lace, ruffle and embroidered monogram... The deliciously faded colors are made from natural pigments.

    Reference 21RL
  • Curtain "Chantilly" Collection

    100% washed linen, 100% Elegance, 100% Nature, for a 300% seduction. To the big ruffles charm is added the nature spirit of embroidery in relief. As always, available in natural tones.

    Reference 27RL
  • Washed linen curtain « Rambouillet » Collection

    This curtain of washed linen with an intense and velvety feel, lightly wrinkled with a large and voluptuous ruffle dress the windows with great elegance. It can be completed by a delicate valance made of embroidered tulle.

    Reference 26RL
  • Embroidered Tulle curtain « Rambouillet » Collection

    To the delicacy and lightness of the Tulle is added the refinement of fine embroideries bordered by very large festoons that undulate with the wind. So why not choosing energizing colors?

    Reference 26RT
  • Curtain "Montségur" Collection

    Large and very romantic ruffles surround flowers of lace in this gorgeous curtain. Bring a touch of romance in a shabby chic decoration with these washed linen curtains.

    Reference 29RL
  • Curtain "Bonaguil" Collection

    Transparency effects for these curtains where washed linen alternates with washed linen veil. The large embroidered flowers emphasize these elegant light games.

    Reference 30RL  
  • Curtain "Roseraie"

    Large washed linen curtains with superb lace medallions and delicious embroideries are enhanced with lace trims in an old fashion style for a very cozy atmosphere.

    Reference R8301
  • Curtain "Boudoir"

    Added to the charm of the wrinkled linen, a riot of cotton lace gives an almost theatrical aspect. The deliciously faded colors are made from natural pigments.

    Reference R8302
  • Curtain "Passion"

    Precious lace that seems to come out of a very old attic ensure this washed linen curtain a beautiful elegance in total harmony with the pastel tones of a rich palette of colors.

    Reference R8303
  • Curtain "Mascarade"

    A very romantic ruffle completes these large washed linen curtains. Embroidered with a superb monogram surrounded by precious lace, they are the perfect complement of a refined universe.

    Reference R8306
  • Curtain "Harmonie"

    In the middle of this curtain, stands an exquisite embroidered medallion with a monogram surrounded with beautiful lace flowers and to finish a very large ruffle that ensures a hint of sweetness.

    Reference R8308
  • Curtain "Frisson"

    3 striped linen veils of subtle color undulate with the wind. All in shades and in freshness these curtains animate with great sobriety the great openings.

    Reference R8311
  • Curtain "Frivolité"

    The lightness of the linen veil gives these curtains its sobriety, tinged with little of romanticism. Alone or with a washed linen or tulle valance they play delicious games with light.

    Reference R8309
  • Curtain "Dédicaces"

    The opposition between the transparency of the linen veil and the heavy cotton lace gives these curtains a crazy charm, without altering their sobriety.

    Reference R8310
  • Valance "Scènes de Rêves"

    Alone or combined with a linen curtain or linen veil, these valances give a special charm to the decoration.  With a gorgeous lace they are embroidered with a monogram.

    Reference 20CL
  • Valance "Les Toiles de Nuit"

    A delicate ruffle finishes these valances embroidered with a monogram and decorated with lace embroidered tulle. They are attached by pretty ties.

    Reference 21CL 
  • Valance "Rambouillet"

    Alone or in duo with the curtain of linen, the embroidered tulle valance is a hymn to the refinement. Large festoons capture light in delicate transparency games.

    Reference 26CT
  • Valance "Chantilly"

    The relief embroidery and the elegant ruffle give sophistication and elegance to this valance and an additional charm to washed linen or linen veils of this collection.

    Reference 27CT
  • Curtain “Moulin Rouge”

    A profusion of laces and natural silk ruffles for these curtains looking like "French Cancan" style. These "Shabby" curtains will be the ideal complement a romantic decoration. Dim 140X280 - Reference 34RL