Shabby, romantic, bohemian, timeless or Victorian style, you will find in these collections the accessory which will participate to create a true romantic home decor cushions, pillowcases  or lamps. Let yourself be seduced by the unique charm of this art of living in a family atmosphere.

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  • Cushion "Haïti"

    A delicious embroidered medallion adorns this very refined cushion. The opposition of washed linen and satin of cotton give nice color effects on this cushion. Dim30x40cm.

    Reference 7715C
  • Neckroll "Tobago"

    Washed linen neck cushion with a delicious blend of linen and satin of cotton offer beautiful color effects. Big knots at the ends and a pretty satin bubbling give a lot of charm. Dim. 20x40cm. 

    Reference 7716C
  • Cushion "Rhodes"

    A lace of tulle, a superb monogram and a delicious ruffle for more refinement. Alone or with other cushions, it is the perfect accessory for shabby chic decorations. Dim 45x45cm.

    Reference 7718C
  • Cushion "Tortola"

    Large knots accentuate the elegance and luxury style of this cushion. With its beautiful embroidered tulle finished by large festoons it will find its place in all refined spaces. Dim 40x40cm.


    Reference 7721C
  • Cushion "Bali"

    A beautiful lace of embroidered tulle embellished with a large band of crochet lace. This washed linen cushion reveals itself as a charm wherever you put it. Dim 40x40cm.


    Reference 7723C
  • Pillowcase "Capri"

    Alliance between traditional and modern elements for this ruffled cushion, it is embroidered with a large monogram surrounded by old-fashioned lace. Faded colors add a peaceful touch. Dim 50x50cm.

    Reference 8301C
  • Pillowcase "Marmara"

    In washed linen with a very soft touch, decorated with delicate embroidery inside an old lace medallion. To perfect this, a delicious little ruffle surrounds this delicate cushion. Dim 50x50cm.

    Reference 8302C
  • Pillowcase "Jersey"

    We love this luxurious cushion “à la Française” so romantic with its elegant monogram and lined with a light linen veil ruffle and a riot of laces. Dim 60x60cm.

    Reference 8303C
  • Pillowcase "Cythère"

    The large lace applications of this cushion express elegance and refinement, and for more charm on both sides, small washed linen knots. Dim 60X60cm.

    Reference 8304C
  • Pillowcase "Taenga"

    With the delicacy of faded colors, at the ends, in the corners and applied in the middle of fine embroidery, it is a real riot of lace that enlightens this washed linen cushion. Dim 45X70cm.

    Reference 8306C
  • Pillowcase "Myconos"

    Original with its elegant oval and its dark washed linen that emphasizes embroidery and lace. A true charming ambiance is assured with this authentic French style cushion decorated with monogram. Dim 45X70cm.

    Reference 8308C
  • Cushion "Tabarca"

    Profusion of lace for this original cushion made in washed linen. It is underlined with a romantic ruffle and the colors add to its charm for a "Cozy" decoration. Dim 40x60cm.

    Reference 8310C
  • Pillowcase "Corfou"

    Sweetness of washed linen slightly wrinkled, elegance of the big ruffle and richness of the laces, this magnificent cushion does not go unnoticed in a shabby chic home. Dim 60x60cm.

    Reference 8312C
  • Pillowcase "Mayotte"

    The soft shapes of this washed linen cushion are pleasing the eyes. Ruffles, embroideries and an old-fashioned monogram guarantee a pure French style. Dim 45x70cm. 

    Reference 8315C
  • Cushion "Pico"

    Alternating between lace and embroidery, this washed linen cushion is associating flower embroidery and monogram embroidery like the family linen of yesteryear. Dim 50x50cm. 

    Reference 8316C
  • Cushion "Ikaria"

    Round, soft, tenderly retro this washed linen cushion is adorned with a superb old fashioned cotton lace and many gathers. Diameter 40cm. 

    Reference 8317C
  • Bolster "Tonga"

    For this bolster cover all the elements of charm are reunited, refined lace, elegant embroidery and tender colors. Long 140cm.

    Reference 8301TN
  • Bolster "Santorin"

    Deliciously adorned with lace, this washed linen bolster composed of 2 parts. So  you could play the duality of colors the uniformity as you like. Long 90cm. 

    Reference 8303TN
  • Neckroll "Raba"

     Silk and lace are the two charming allies for this  very romantic bolster. Delicious little folds add to its elegance .Long 100cm

    - Reference 8304TN

  • Cushion " Socotra"

     In pastel or deep colors, this cushion with its gorgius light lace is bordered by a large silk  ruffle. It is the symbol of refinement and delicacy. Dim 50X50cm

    Reference 8319C

  • Lamp "Tuileries"

    With the simplicity and natural elegance of washed linen, the refinement of Venetian lace trims give this lamp a totally timeless charm.

    Reference 20LJ
  • Cushion "Philaé"

    A delicate lace surrounded by hand frayed linen ruffles for a cushion that combines charm and discretion In pure washed linen is available in all colors. Dim 40X40cm Reference: 8320C

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