In combed cotton 580g/m² our bath linen collections offer high quality absorption. To the pleasure of a soft matter is added the delicacy of subtle tones and warm nuances for soothing atmospheres. Made from natural pigments, toxic free, the colors preserve with the sponge its natural swelling.
Bath sets composition (3 pieces): Bath  towel 70x140cm-Hand towel 50x100cm- Guest Towel 30x50cm.
Decorative complements... Bath mats, bath linen 100% washed linen and toiletry bags.

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  • "Lilas" Collection

    It is a superb lace that adorns this bath towel in soft and absorbent sponge cotton. The “Cotillon” bath mat completes this line.

     Reference 120 E
  • "Pivoine" Collection

    The long lace crochet assures the refined and romantic character of this bath linen collection.  The atmosphere will be perfected with the «Bolero» bath mat.

    Reference 121 E
  • "Dalhia" Collection

    Deliciously scalloped this line of bath linen is adorned with a with a delicate embroidery "Bain" medallion which gives it all elegance and refinement.

    Reference 220E
  • "Lys" Collection

    Lightness of an elegant lace for this sponge cotton bath line. How to resist this invitation to pure moments of well-being and pleasure ? Perfect matched with the «Tango» bath mat.

  • Bath mat "Cotillon"

    Delicate laces add a touch of refinement to your decor. For more romance this bath mat is to be associated with the line of sponge "Lilas".

    Reference 8302B
  • Bath mat "Boléro"

    Deliciously "Shabby Chic" this bath mat combines authentic fabrics as linen and cotton. It is decorated with the same wide lace used for the collection of bath linen "Pivoine".

    Reference 8301B
  • Bath mat "Tango"

    It is the perfect complement to the "Lys" bath linen with its same light and refined lace. It transforms the bathroom into a space where it is good to laze.

    Reference 8307B
  • Bath mat "Country"

    A harmonious complement to the bathroom decor, this bath mat combines soft sponge for comfort, linen, small ruffle and embroidery for refinement. Soft or intense colors create the decoration.

    Reference 8304B
  • "Ambre" Collection

    For very "charming" atmospheres, discover a very chic and very trendy linen collection. The natural pigments give to it the special touch of the old linen, with a slightly wrinkled appearance.

    Reference 01LT
  • "Corail" Collection

    For this collection washed linen offers a pleasant sensation of freshness, a feeling of refinement that accentuate the colors for a charming "bohemian chic" side.

    Reference 02LT
  • "Grenat" Collection

    The embroidery and lace seduce, the slightly old look and slightly crumpled washed linen bring a hint of very natural casual style.

    Reference 03LT
  • "Jades" Collection

    The lace of this washed linen celebrates the natural with its floral design and its exquisite colors taken from nature.

    Reference 04LT
  • "Opale" Collection

    Cotton lace applications give these washed linen towels extra charm for a "Shabby" style bathroom.

    Référence 05LT
  • Canvas bag "Ankara" Collection

    Easy with its handles, charming with its little buttons of mother-of-pearl, this washed linen pouch will follow you in your small or long journeys.

    Reference 20P1
  • Cosmetic bag "Porto" Collection

    Lace applications, rope handles give this washed linen bag all the elegance and refinement that is necessary to this feminine accessory.

    Reference  20P5
  • Cosmetic bag "Yalta" Collection

    Elegant in the bathroom it is also very useful when traveling. Lace and ruffle give even more femininity to this washed linen cosmetic bag.

    Reference 20P7
  • Canvas bag "Colombo" Collection

    Elegant and practical with its handles, in the bathroom, for the lingerie, for traveling, it will quickly become indispensable.

    Reference 20P12
  • Washed linen bag "Madras" Collection

    This washed linen canvas bag is full of charm with its beautiful embroidery medallion. You                                        will choose it in soft colors or intense as you wish.

    Reference 20P13
  • Lingerie bag "Seoul" Collection

    Delicious washed linen lingerie bag with a delicate cotton lace where you can store your precious lingerie inside large compartments.

    Reference 20P6