Amandine de Brévelay’s exquisite tablecloth collection is a timeless essential, accented with gorgeous laces, embroideries or ruffles. Dress the table with this single-layer table cloth for an elegant and textured look. Made of 100% linen and these machine washable tablecloths are available in 3 sizes: 170x170cm (Ref NA), 170x260cm (Ref NB) and 170x320cm (Ref NC).

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  • "Ariane" Collection "

    A lace of cotton and an embroidered monogram in a medallion make the charm of this tablecloth and its table runner - Reference 20

  • Table runner "Ariane"

    Dimensions 50X150.

    Reference 20VI
  • "Aparté" collection

    Embellished with a very wide lace sublimated by delicate tones this tablecloth is dedicated to your table for dinners of pure elegance. .

    Reference 31
  • Table Runner "Aparté"

    Dimensions 50X150.

    Reference 31VI
  • "Chimène" Collection

    French style for this table cloth with an elegant monogram, ruffles and cotton laces. The natural colors bring it so much charm.

    Reference 21
  • Table Runner "Chimène"

    Dimensions 50X150.

    Reference 21VI
  • "Sortilèges" Collection

    This exceptional tablecloth will give your dinners a luxurious and refined touch. The 100% washed linen it is adorned with delicate laces at angles and at center.

    Reference 22
  • Table Runner "Sortilèges"

    Dimensions 50X150.

    Reference 22VI
  • "Zéphir" Collection

    Made of embroidered Tulle with large scallops, this tablecloth will sublimate your table. Alone or in duet with the tablecloth "Jaspe", it will give a very luxurious touch.

    Reference 26
  • Table Runner "Zéphir"

    Dimensions 50X150.

    Reference 26VI
  • "Fiesta" Collection

    With this sublime cotton lace applied on this washed linen tablecloth, the words "Art of the Table" take their true meaning and a simple meal becomes a gala dinner.

    Reference 30
  • Table Runner"Fiesta"

    Dimensions 50X150.

    Reference 30VI
  • Chair cover seat

    Ruffle and laces dressing a chair will immediately transform it into a decorative object in a real "Shabby chic" style.

    Reference 20GC
  • Chair back cover

    The coordinated chair backrest completes the chair and adds to the charm.

    Reference 20DC
  • Collection " Balade"

  • Collection " Balade"