At all-time, renowned for its natural virtues, the use of linen has persisted through centuries. Even today its timeless fashionable style gives a refined and casual charm to your home decor. Thermo regulator and hypoallergenic, it provides well-being and calmness. For its “Héritage d’Armoire” collection, Amandine de Brévelay elaborates beautiful washed linen perfectly rumpled, textured and wrinkled. This linen which gets softer over time offers subtle colors. They are completely natural, obtained from vegetable and mineral pigments and consequently toxic free. Thus, flax qualities are not affected and linen remains a healthy fabric. In addition to the natural elegance of this collection, this linen does not require any ironing, a most valuable asset in our daily life.

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  • "Scènes de Rêves" Collection

    For this collection with the charms of yesteryear allow yourself to be seduced by this authentic cotton lace and this monogram so sophisticated. Subtle tones with natural reflections and a hardly crumpled aspect for this washed bed linen induce this indefinable "Bohème chic" spirit.

  • "Les Toiles de Nuit" Collection

    For the romantics, a harmonious blend of lace, ruffles and embroidery... A fresh and natural appearance, transparency effects impose a touch of nonchalance with a light touch of sophistication on this embroidered bed linen collection.

  • "Rambouillet" Collection

    Large scallops sublime delicately embroidered tulle with a luxurious semi of flowers and add to the nobility of linen. It is in this high-end linen, worthy of fairytale castles that all romantic princesses dream of falling asleep.

  • "Chantilly" Collection

    Washed linen and exquisite smocking embroideries give a touch of nostalgia to this collection so romantic and yet so modern. Harmonious natural colors and delicate textures define this collection of luxurious bed linen.

  • "Carnet de Bohème" Collection

    Made of refined linen blended with muslin flange cotton, this washed linen collection is a perfect balance between luxury and casualness. Timeless and beautifully finished, this fine quality bed linen will provide you with years of blissful sleep.

  • "Montségur" Collection

    Sublime lace inserts adorn this refined line. Without renouncing romanticism this collection reinvents the classic style of traditional bed linen. Perfect harmony between refinement and well-being, the soft tones add a little extra elegance.

  • "Bonaguil" Collection

    The natural aesthetic of washed linen combined with embroidery give refinement and elegance to this gorgeous bed linen collection. Retrieve the sweet summer nights atmosphere and the subtle harmonies of the exceptional colors made from vegetable dyes.

  • "Azay" Collection

    This beautiful bed linen has this unique soft and peaceful appearance of the old French family linen. We select linen from "Masters of Linen" certified weavers for the comfort, laces for the delicacy and a magnificent embroidered monogram only for the Charm.

  • "Jardins d'Hiver" Collection

    To provide an impression of sweets and comforts we added some faux fur flakes and delicate ice beads to this contrasted collection. So you have in this exquisite bed linen, some delicious moments to conjugate the verb "to be lazy" to the past, present and future times.

  • "Champs Elysées" Collection

    This bed linen collection is trimmed with fabulous embroidered cotton lace and the effect is just gorgeous. Love the textures and colors of natural linens bed linen, they inspire sweet dreams and adds feminine flair to an everyday look. 

  • "Moulin Rouge" Collection

    We added to the nobility of linen the lightness and luxury of the silk for a luxurious bedding collection. All is refinement and delicacy. Pure moments of voluptuousness and alliances of colors with subtle tones are an invitation to confidences for this high-end bed linen.

  • "Opéra" Collection

    A frowned silk, large romantic knots and a beautiful monogram reinvent the charm of bed linen for a shabby chic decoration, in a cozy spirit. It is the perfect combination of French elegance and Victorian charm.

  • Frou Frou

    Hand  frayed ruffles  for this shabby chic bed linen collection made of pure washed linen.  it offers a large  palette of soft or deep colors and  a great softness Is it not a good pretext  for cuddly nights?

  • Taies rectangles
    Taies rectangles
    FR TR
  • Housse de couette
    Housse de couette
    FR C4
  • Drap plat
    Drap plat
    FR D8
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